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New Single "Brave"

Parker Lane has released their new single “Brave,” the first release from their forthcoming full-length coming top of next year via [PIAS] Recordings. Produced by Ryan Hadlock (The Lumineers, Vance Joy, Zach Bryan), “Brave” is brimming with effervescent textures of acoustic guitars, boisterous handclaps, and a triumphant trumpet solo. The accompanying music video captures the anthemic nature of the song, opening with a snippet of poet and activist Amanda Gorman delivering her powerful Inauguration Poem, “The Hill We Climb,” and follows a young boy determined to chase the confidence he seeks within himself.

“I really felt like this song was something that was needed in the world,” shares front man and producer, Printz Board. “Lyrically, it’s meant to be inspirational. When you get knocked down, get back up, try new things, and plant a seed where no one else has ever planted a seed. And if you feel like you can’t get back up, I’m here to support you and give you the love and light you need.”

"Brave" Official Music Video

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Imagine old friends in a living room huddled around an acoustic guitar, lit by a crackling fire, drunk on the moment, and entangled in the story of a song.

Some might call this scene heaven.

Printz Board calls it Parker Lane.

The Ohio-born and Los Angeles-based two-time GRAMMY® Award-winning musician, recording artist, producer, and songwriter architects timeless, organic, and familiar folk pop anthems with a country twist brought to life by a revolving cast of co-vocalists and guests drawn to the push-and-pull of his communal jukebox vision.

Ultimately, he really just wants to reach out and touch someone (with the music)…

“I want to hold listeners hands with this,” he explains. “I want to hug them. Everything comes from a very genuine and heartfelt place. It’s stripped-down. It’s like you’re sitting in my home and feeling these stories as we tell them live. As far as meaning goes, you can fill in your own colors. This is just a vibe. It’s an outline.”

He began sketching that outline back in 2016. Without any pretense or planning, he picked up an acoustic guitar and simply wrote one day in Joshua Tree. Nothing would be overthought or belabored. Fueled by a gentle spark of inspiration, the music unfurled seamlessly, incorporating all of his talents and spanning trumpet, piano, guitar, singing, producing, and, yes, beatboxing.

“It didn’t need a push; it just came out,” he explains. “I didn’t have to try. Nothing is off limits. If something serves the song, it’s in there. It reminds me of when I first started playing trumpet at ten-years-old in Ohio. That’s like it was always meant to be. This had the very same magic at the ground floor.”

The magic courses through the 2018 debut single “3AM,” which features co-vocals from Lucy Graves. Delicate tambourine, lithe acoustic guitars, and handclaps entwine as he and Lucy duet (and debate) about the meaning of a late-night call between lovers. These two sides fascinatingly draw the narrative in different directions during a clever call-and-response.

“It highlights the difference between what a woman thinks a 3AM call is and what a man thinks a 3AM call is,” he smiles. “The female character assumes it’s just a booty call, while the male argues, ‘You’re actually the girl I want to be with. That’s why I’m calling you in the middle of the night.’ We all have these ups and downs in relationships. ‘3AM’ really examines those moments.”

“3AM” not only introduces Parker Lane, but the single also earmarks a new chapter for Printz. For nearly two decades, he’s quietly impacted pop music and culture from behind-the-scenes, creating a string of recognizable and renowned hits. He has worked with Black Eyed Peas on award winning songs like “Where Is The Love?,” “My Humps,” “Meet Me Halfway,” and more. Simultaneously, he has produced and written for everyone from Mark Ronson and Selena Gomez to John Legend. In New Zealand, he garnered the TUI Award for selling the most singles in a year for “Feel Inside And Stuff” from Flight of The Conchords. Most recently, he earned a 2017 MTV VMA for producing Taboo’s “Stand Up/Stand N Rock.”

As a solo artist, his 2014 EP Pre-Games landed as he opened up Cee Lo Green’s European tour. Among other accolades, he’s been acclaimed by USA Today, Interview, Baeble, Pop Crush, and many more. Outside of music, his passions encompass everything from boxing to fashion in true Renaissance Man style.

However, Parker Lane speaks to his spirit directly.

“It satisfies my heart more than anything else has,” he admits. “I liken it to the moment I fell in love with New Zealand. I was standing on the beach with no shoes on. There was something about the electricity and energy of the place. I just started crying overwhelmed with joy. That’s what Parker Lane does for me. I feel like it’s the most important life work I’ve ever done.”

In the end, that’s why this music has the power to connect.

“I want people to walk away feeling like the songs touched them,” he leaves off. “Hopefully, their lives are altered towards the positive.”




Upcoming Shows

* May 8th. 11pm. Parker Lane. at Silverlake Lounge 2906 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles CA 90026

* May 15th. 10:30. Parker Lane. at Sunset & Vinyl 1521 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028

* June 3-6 Parker Lane NYC locations coming soon